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The Starwood Capital Group – The Real Estate Gold Miner


Brickell was once the part of the Miami Gold Rush, aka the Condo Housing Boom. What was once considered a can’t lose investment, many developers were left high and dry once the housing market collapsed. The huge high rise luxuery developments were left empty and the Brickell community looked like a gold rush ghost town.

Now who has taken advantage of this situation, Starwood Capital Group.  Who is Starwood Capital? Starwood Capital is a private investement firm  that pools investors money in order to purchase distressed/foreclosed properties, hotels, commercial loans, and other worthwile investments. They look, search and mine for thier “gold”, underperforming  real estate assets. They have many options when they buy these properties at bargain prices, they can ether rent them out or resell them at a much higher price.

In 2009, Starwood Capital Group brough 40% of Corus Bank, and in turn took contol of Infinity, The Mint, and Paramount Bay in Miami.  The Mint and Infinity are some of the most desired buildings in Miami and Brickell. Starwood Capital Group can now determine the resell value for these buildings and in turn may encourage more people to buy into Brickell and the surrounding area. The have invested in upgrading the common areas of  The Infinity in Brickell.

Starwood Capital future goal would be to sell Brickell and The Infinity to the world. Thier ability may show that Brickell  and great community and perhaps worth taking the risk, and not just fools gold.

Brickell Real Estate Investment of the Week – Vue at Brickell

There was a point in time where I would not recommend The Vue as a good investment. However, with the rise in rental rates, The Vue on Brickell is now one of the few buildings in Brickell that offer some sort of break even or positive cash flow.

Listed at $125,000 there are 2 available foreclosures on the market right now.  The estimated maintenance is listed at $456 and  estimatedtaxes is $7079 a year. The market rent for these properties are $1600+. 

While the amenities, views, gym, spa and units are not as luxurious as other buildings in The Vue is listed at a very reasonable price. Brickell  is still considered one of the most desired areas in Miami no matter what. With new restaurants and a thriving community The Vue would be one of the better investment in Brickell, especially if rental rates continue to rise.

To search more information about  The Vue , Click Here.

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Munchies – Best Name Ever

Whoever thought of the name Munchies is a genius. How can you not talk about a place with a name like that? Instant marketing.

After a really late night, I and many Brickell party goers often find myself at Munchies. Munchies located right off 95 and 8th street, offers some of the best columbian style burgers and during the wee morning hours. Withe potatoes chip strings inside the burgers, they bring a Latin twist that may have prevented many hangovers.  Their delivery service is definitely not dominos, so expect a small wait, especially after 3 a.m.

During regular hours, I have enjoyed their churrasco wraps. A sliced churrasco steak in a wheat wrap with lettuce and tomatoes give a healthy twist to a full churrasco meal. During the day, they provide a less expensive alternative to the posh restaurants in Brickell.

For More information call:
The Munchies at Brickell
250 SW Eighth St.

Unwind at The Transit Lounge – The Rising

Transit Lounge Brickell

Transit Lounge Brickell

Looking for a fresh change of pace? Transit Lounge, located just north of Mary Brickell Village, is a great place to unwind from the hassle of the Miami dance nightclubs. Tonight you can see up and coming local Miami bands and artists such as 1982. It’s also one of the very few and rare places that is 18 and up.

You can check out Tansit Lounge’s website here.

Club 50 Tonight

Club 50 located on the top of the Viceroy offers great rooftop views of Brickell and Downtown Miami. Party the night away tonight, but don’t forget the jacket. The expected temperature tonight is expected to be in the low 50′s.

Brickell Rental of the week – The Sail 1/1 $1350


Sail Building
Sail Building


Sail Brickell Kitchen


1 Bedroom 1 bath @ The Sail – M1443808

The rental of the week is a fabulous 1/1 at The Sail. This unit offers a city view with a great european kitchen.  $1350 is a good deal considering most of the 1 bedroom in Brickell are now listed around $1450.

The demand for Brickell rentals has been skyrocketing lately, so its best to lock in a deal before the rates jump again. While

You can search for additional rentals at  The Sail here:

  • The Sail Brickell Rentals
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    Welcome to Brickell Vida!!

    Welcome to Brickell Vida! This is our first post as we bring in the new year of 2011. 

    This blog was made to bring a spotlight to the fabulous community of Brickell.  We aim to give you a non biased and informative insight on the community. Hopefully with your support we can showcase  the people and events of Brickell.

    We also would like to feature guest writers who can contribute to the blog. We currently have real estate agents but would love to hear from  nightlife promoters, business owners, politicians, and others! You can think of it as free advirtising!

    If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions please feel free to write to us at

    Stay tuned …..